The highly magnetic album, ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ is an honest, unrestrained depiction of Re-Surch’s unique and rocky upbringing. The tracks on the record are seamlessly woven together by the talented rapper in order to spark intrigue in the listener as they hear about the hardships and triumphs he has faced.
Re-Surch’s upbringing in the bleak Dorchester borough of Boston, Massachusetts, where hope is limited and violence and drugs are plentiful, shaped him from a very early age. He was simultaneously taking part in a program which bused inner city black children to predominantly white, Republican, suburban schools surrounding Boston. The playful, comedic persona that Re-Surch embodies on the track ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ mimics the paradoxical theme of being brought up in indigent surroundings in Dorchester while going to school with privileged white children in the suburbs.
One experience Re-Surch details on the album is the life changing opportunity of interning for the Howard Stern Show where he became fondly known as ‘John the Black Intern,’ and where he decided to completely focus on achieving his dreams in the entertainment industry. Previous to interning for Howard Stern, Re-Surch was on a harrowing path. He was stabbed multiple times and eventually dropped out of high school.
Re-Surch later attended Penobscot Job Corps in Maine where he graduated with his high school diploma and attended college soon thereafter, leading him to land the internship of a lifetime. His unstoppable, new-found passion was a life-altering shift for him....
“Before I started working at the Howard Stern Show, I thought the only people who achieved their dreams were on TV,” Re-Surch explains. “I never knew anyone that was really that successful until I started working for the show. It was like everyone around me was super successful and that motivated and inspired me.”
Re-Surch’s time with Howard Stern opened a myriad of doors for him. He was commissioned frequently to pen parody songs and overnight tunes, he had the opportunity to perform in front of massive audiences, and since his internship, Re-Surch has opened for the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, and many more.
Sal Governale, a writer and producer of the show, hosts the multi-faceted album. Re-Surch holds nothing back when he talks about the famous women that he would like to have sex with on the priceless song, ‘Famous Girls I'd Like To Fuck.’ The off-the-wall emcee also takes you on a journey of authenticity and honesty on the song ‘Sea Of Love.’
As a self-proclaimed ‘Oreo,’ Re-Surch brings us on a heartbreaking journey with the song, ‘Never Fall For A White Girl,’ a tune that expresses his love and appreciation of white women. Thus, the entirety of this record is highly personal and an insightful look into what has helped shape Re-Surch as a person, who he is as an artist, and why he creates the type of music that he does. None of this would have been possible without the help of his crew: Liberty, MalMoe, and Ryan Todd known as ‘Trailz.’


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